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Manage your Business Model across the business lifecycle

There has been an explosion of posts on Business Models in the past several years. Many of those posts relate to start ups / new ventures yet business models need to be actively managed throughout the entire business lifecycle. The half life of a business model has shrink from 20 – 100 years (Railroads, steel) to 7-10 years; this means that the business model can no longer be assumed, it needs to be actively managed. Read More…

Can’t find growth? Redefine what business you are in!

Your most recent growth strategy failed to find significant growth. You looked at organic and inorganic growth but were not able to find the growth you wanted. Where to look? Read More…

Can’t find growth? Look beyond your Industry to your Business Ecosystem!

Using your industry as the unit of analysis might be hiding significant risks and opportunities; using a business ecosystem perspective will provide deep insight and strategic context, and identify additional strategies that might have been previously hidden. If you are looking for billion dollar opportunities, then taking the additional step of looking at the ecosystem at the business model level will reveal whether any of those opportunities exist within your broader ecosystem. Read More…