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Strategy System drives Market value

How effective is your Strategy System? Are some elements missing or ineffective?
What does it mean to “have a strategy?” Strategy is merely a statement of intent. To create value, one has to answer some fundamental questions:

  • Do I understand the strategic context relevant to my business?
  • How do I know that I am considering all relevant strategies?
  • Can those strategies be implemented successfully?

What is needed is an effective strategy system! The full value is delivered as a result of using a complete strategy system. Key components include:

strategy system
strategy system

The Strategic Context identifies what strategies are available within an ecosystem and identifies a set of optimal strategies for the business. The company Vision is based on an understanding of that Strategic Context.

Decision Management connects the strategy systems elements and enables ongoing evaluation and evolution of strategy and implementation activities.

Once strategies have been selected, Strategic Planning connects potential strategies with market realities – what business results are required and what combination of operating activities and strategies will deliver on those results.

Design Strategy translates the strategy into a set of potential products, services and experiences.

Portfolio Management optimizes people, time and money investments in the context of those strategies.

Can I create value if I am missing some parts of the Strategy System? Yes but …

Lacking a Portfolio Management process, you will select a sub-optimal set of projects to work on, leaving money on the table.

Lacking a Design Strategy, how closely will your selection of products, services and experiences tie to your strategy.

Lacking a Strategic Planning process, how will you manage risk and adapt your strategies and plans.

Living with a Decision Management System that evolved through many reorganizations vs being designed, your organization’s decision making will be less effective.

How effective is your Strategy System? Are some elements missing or ineffective?