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Marimekko Graphs the FREE and EASY way

You have maybe seen Marimekko charts produced in consultant presentations and with a little research you find out that it will cost you $400 a year to produce (together with a number of other charts). If this is of interest, you can find that solution at If you have the money, it works fabulously well. The beauty of the Marimekko graph is that it allows you to display proportional data on the x and y axis, especially useful if you are trying to show market data, for example, where there are multiple segments with different companies in each segment. Besides Mekkographics, the Peltier Tech Blog also has a way of creating Marimekko graphs for free. I personally found it difficult to use and maybe it is just me, so I am offering another way that I find very simple and takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete once you have done it once or twice. And it is FREE!