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What is your Market Value story? Ask your business model!

Major changes in Market Capitalization are driven by Business Model decisions (or lack of decisions). With every major consulting firm writing about Business Models, it is clear that this is an area of great interest with senior executives. Read More…

Demystifying Business Model Innovation

The reality of doing business model work is complex yet business model innovation can be reduced to 2 activities. Read More…

Manage your Business Model across the business lifecycle

There has been an explosion of posts on Business Models in the past several years. Many of those posts relate to start ups / new ventures yet business models need to be actively managed throughout the entire business lifecycle. The half life of a business model has shrink from 20 – 100 years (Railroads, steel) to 7-10 years; this means that the business model can no longer be assumed, it needs to be actively managed. Read More…

Can't find growth? How much value do you want to create?

Start your search for value by first asking the question: How much value am I looking for? Read More…

No Customer Value Gap, No Business Model !

What are your Customer Value Gaps? They are the source of value in all business models and therefore critical to understand across all your relevant segments. How are they linked to your Business Model, Experiences, Solutions and Products? Read More…