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We align innovation with the market and your business lifecycle
Discovery combines a comprehensive and disciplined approach to investigating, framing and interpreting consumer, business, and technology trends. By approaching this holistically, we can find the sweet spot between What is Possible, What is Viable and what is Desirable across Products, Services and Experiences.
Ideation & Distillation
We ideate with a purpose - how do you solve Customer Value Gaps. By first understanding the Customer Value Gaps, we generate high value ideas. We then apply our proprietary distillation process to take ideas and generate high value concepts.
Business Case
The business case is at the heart of many critical planning and decision-making processes. Proposed schedules of financial and human resource investment requirements, a forecast of expected costs and benefits during the “running life” of the project, and information pertaining to strategic criteria and project-specific risk factors are combined to yield high confidence options to inform decision making.