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We know how and where profit happens
Many Business Models have historically stood the test of time. As Globalization and Digitization have shortened Business Model life-cycles to 6-8 years or less, managing your Business Model becomes a necessity.
Examples of situations that require a Business Model expertise - We have been working with Business Models since 2002
- Legacy business is in decline
- Legacy business declining faster than new businesses can compensate
- Market Value is decelerating, stagnant or declining.
- Adding a new Business Model to your business.
- You have tried making Product and Operational changes to your business but that has not improved profitability.
- You are innovating Products & Services and want to see how you can apply Business Model Innovation to your business.
- You want to know if there are early warning signs of disruption in your industry and ecosystem.
- You are starting up a business trying to develop a Business Model hypothesis.
- You have successfully launched your start up but not know how to evolve your Business Model.
- The assumptions underlying your Business Model have changed and impacting your Business Model.
- You want to understand and manage your portfolio of Business Models.
- You want to embed Sustainability in your Business Model.