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In the US Navy, I was asked to take over a department that was in disarray and the laughing stock of the ship. Within 1 year, we passed a US Navy level inspection and scored the second best of the Pacific Fleet ever.

In the US Navy, we were due for the shipyard and were assigned a berthing barge for 300 people. It was a rat infested disaster. The Captain left me behind a 6 week patrol with 6 enlisted men with the direction to see what I could do. By the time the ship returned to port, the entire inside of the barge was painted fresh, all deficiencies had been identified and plans were in place to correct prior to the berthing barge's planned use.

At a High-Tech Company, I was asked to take over a troubled Financial Planning and Analysis department that had difficulty explaining financial results and could not complete the monthly Financial Close until 3 or 4 in the morning. Within a year we had a functioning system in place to provide detailed information on operations and we were completing our activities by 6pm routinely. This was for a $3B business that delivered 1/3 of HP's profit.

At a High-Tech Company, I was asked to lead an effort as part of a larger transformation program to uncover revenue and margin opportunities not visible through normal processes. Within 90 days I had uncovered $1B in revenue AND margin opportunities.

At a High-Tech Company, I was asked to join a team and lead them to uncovering new business opportunities. I was able to develop a new to the world and disruptive Business Model in the Commercial Printing industry, that was valued by the Finance organization at over $1B.

At a High-Tech Company, I was asked to bring my Business Model expertise to a competitive analysis project on a major competitor. I was able to reverse engineer their master plan, one that was a surprise to senior management and resulted in significant changes to strategy.

At a High-Tech Company, I was asked to lead change management efforts for Finance when we implemented SAP and many feature and functionality would be temporarily lost.

At a CPG Company, when the Business Unit President was unable to convince the CEO to have Bain conduct a Growth Strategy project, he turned around and asked me to deliver. It was done 90 days later.

At a CPG Company, after the successful completion of the growth strategy, I was asked to design and implement a new Operating Model that would support the growth strategy. This involved significant organizational changes that would individually impact several senior managers and I led those change management efforts.

At a CPG Company, when the Business Unit President was put in charge of a complete web redesign effort, he asked me to create a framework that would act as a guiding light for the effort. I delivered a 8.5 X 16 placemat with B2B and B2C frameworks on both sides. This was used extensively at the project kick off.

At a CPG Company, I was asked to lead an effort to grow the company's Sustainability efforts. A business case was developed, I brought the C suite onboard and the President was able to convince the CEO to launch a company wide effort. I was asked to create a Global Sustainability Program from scratch and launch into the marketplace.

At a CPG Company, the R&D Vice President asked the President if she could borrow me for 6 months to implement a Lean Product Development program. She knew that I knew little of Lean Development, but she knew that I would figure it out and would be able to implement the program. She was denied.

At a CPG Company, a Product Development Process team was struggling. I was asked to join the team to help out. Through leading from behind, coaching the Project Leader offline, and developing a framework that the team could use to complete their objective, we quickly were able to get the project on track and delivered on the President's objective.

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