Coaching takes many forms but in all cases
amplifies performance


A primary focus on coaching Business Model challenges and opportunities, and also on more broad business topics. I bring my experience working in large and medium size corporations, and new ventures, whether internal or external start ups. My broad and varied background makes me ideally suited to the role of thought partner and the ability to reach out to a broad network of experts can bring answers to the thorniest topics quickly.


I volunteer with Springboard Enterprises in the U.S. and Australia to help women Start-Up CEOs with their business models. This volunteering has been part of formal cohorts and I have been occasionally been asked to help alumni of the program.

Areas where I have coached include Health and Medical Technology, Technology, Sports, Durable Medical Equipment, Health and Beauty, Corporate and Government Procurement, Medical Infomatics, …

A Management Consulting practice focused on delivering Meaningful Growth for our clients, specializing in Business Models, Strategy and Innovation.

When you need someone to deliver -
Go-To and Get-Things-Done.

When you need someone to coach.

And volunteering is a purpose.

A book on Business Models for Entrepreneurs and blogs on a number of topics

Resources to diagnose the state of your Business Models

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