Business Models - Strategy - Innovation

Although these are our areas of focus, our team has the expertise in related areas, and particularly related to the implementation of Business Models, Strategy and Innovation.


We handle all phases of Business Model Work, from Design, Evolution, Innovation to Transformation. We consult on the process of adding new Business Models into your existing business.

Many Business Models have historically stood the test of time. As Globalization and Digitization have shortened Business Model life-cycles to 6-8 years or less, managing your Business Model becomes a necessity. Examples of situations that require a Business Model expertise include -
- Legacy business is in decline and/or declining faster than new businesses can compensate
- Market Value is decelerating, stagnant or declining.
- Adding a new Business Model to your business.
- You have tried making Product and Operational changes to your business but that has not improved profitability.
- You are innovating Products & Services and want to see how you can apply Business Model Innovation to your business.
- You want to know if there are early warning signs of disruption in your industry and ecosystem.
- You are starting up a business trying to develop a Business Model hypothesis.
- You have successfully launched your start up but do not know how to evolve your Business Model.
- The assumptions underlying your Business Model have changed.
- You want to understand and manage your portfolio of Business Models.
- You want to embed Sustainability in your Business Model.


We integrate Growth Strategies and Business Models

As traditional relationships between market share and profit are waning, growth does not guarantee profit. We focus our practice on meaningful growth, growth that meets your needs, whether it is Revenue, Margin or Both.
We integrate Growth Strategy and Business Model thinking.The reason is that without taking into account the business model dimension, we cannot be sure that we can deliver on Meaningful Growth. If your business model is not solid, the growth will not be solid either.
How your business is defined reflects your chosen business boundaries and is often embodied in your mission, your vision, the unspoken assumption in every strategic conversation.

Business redefinition is an area where you can identify and unlock significant new sources of value yet it is neither easy nor risk free. It would be easy but simplistic to simply broaden the definition that you currently have, say from computers to computing or trucking to transportation. Of course broadening the playing field alone would yield some new growth opportunities but how do you know if you are likely to be able to successfully leverage your business into these new areas?
Here is a link to a Starcher Group article on Business Redefinition


We align innovation with the Market, your Business Lifecycle and your objectives.


Discovery combines a comprehensive and disciplined approach to investigating, framing and interpreting consumer, business, and technology trends. By approaching this holistically, we can find the sweet spot between What is Possible, What is Viable and what is Desirable across Products, Services and Experiences.

Ideation & Distillation

We ideate with a purpose - how do you solve Customer Value Gaps. By first understanding the Customer Value Gaps, we generate high value ideas. We then apply our proprietary distillation process to transform ideas into high value concepts.

Business Case

The business case is at the heart of many critical planning and decision-making processes. Proposed schedules of financial and human resource investment requirements, a forecast of expected costs and benefits during the “running life” of the project, and information pertaining to strategic criteria and project-specific risk factors are combined to yield high confidence options to inform decision making.

A Management Consulting practice focused on delivering Meaningful Growth for our clients, specializing in Business Models, Strategy and Innovation.

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