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Business Design Thinking since 2002

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There are many who profess being Business Model experts - Click here to see how working with Business Models since 2002 makes us different!
My Business Model journey started in 2002 at Hewlett Packard’s Imaging and Printing Group. I was Financial Planning and Analysis Manager at the same and there were numbers that I could not explain using traditional analysis – numbers showing that there were early signs of deceleration in the business. Research eventually led me to the concept of a Business Model, which at the time was entirely new.

I started developing knowledge about the topic and it was not long before I developed expertise. I was allowed to work on Business Model topics on company time, working with different parts of the business. Early on it was all about the InkJet Business Model, the current state and then helping the organization evolve the Business Model and investigate new potential Business Models.

It took me 3 years of influencing senior leaders until I was able to convince a combination of the CFO, CMO and Transformation leader to create a full time role for me to engage on Business Model work across the organization.

Since then I have now worked in projects across 20 industries and further developed my Business Model practice and Intellectual Property.


Here are some of the projects that I have worked on:

Bruce Starcher Projects

Consumer Accessories Business
  • Define the consumer accessories business model across inkjet printers and digital cameras
Consumer Solutions Business
  • Define the business model for communities of interest that can leverage Inkjet technology – Quilting, Scrap booking,…
Very Low End Inkjet
  • Investigate alternative business models for the very low end of the inkjet market
  • Investigate alternative inkjet printer business model that would be environmentally friendly
Lead Dog
  • As part of IPG-wide transformation project, identify opportunities for profitable growth that are not visible as part of normal planning processes.
Microsoft Longhorn
  • CTO requested assessment of potential Microsoft Longhorn (Vista) business models and the impact on HP’s Inkjet Printer business
Kodak – Digital Photography
  • Understand the digital photography ecosystem to reverse engineer Kodak’s digital imaging master plan
Marketing on Demand
  • Identify a Marketing Collateral business model that would create incremental value over current plans.
IPG Business Model share point site
  • Created an online Business Model community of interest and practice for IPG and HP.
IPG Business Model Portfolio Assessment
  • Assess the IPG post-transformation portfolio from a business models perspective
HP-Wide Business Model Training
  • Create and delivered two separate Business Models training classes available across HP, all businesses and regions.
  • Medical Infomatic Start Up - Defined Business Model
China Product Discovery
  • As part of Motorola Product Discovery Group, developed innovative Mobile Device Business Models for the China market
  • Developed a Business Model for a Professional Services Firm
  • Created Strategic Context for innovative market research firm, now part of FocusVision

Bruce Starcher/Mercer MC joint Projects

China Deep Dive - Inkjet
  • Identify profitable business models for the IPG Inkjet business in China. Worked with Ted Moser.
Future of Printing Expert Panel
  • Assemble an expert panel to consider possible Inkjet business model evolutions over the next 10 years. Worked with Ted Moser, Adrian Slywotkzy, Regis McKenna, Keval Desai, Charles Shaw.


Business Models for Entrepreneurs: A Practical Guide
  • Published in Kindle and iBook formats